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Pre-design Consultation

We provide pre-design consultation for free. If you have a project you need to discuss - if you want to know how much time it will take on each step, be it design, permitting or construction, and how much it will cost, we will provide you with our expert analysis based on years of experience in designing & building commercial projects - for free! Get in touch with us here

Conceptual Drawings

Also known as preliminary drawings, regardless of what stage your project is on, Maxx Builders is glad to assist you with conceptual/initial drawings for your project. 


Construction Drawings

Complete Schematic Drawings are prepared for clients who already have preliminary designs or want to obtain a complete design for their project. 

3D Rendering

Through Building Information Modeling (BIM) that includes Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) technology, Maxx Designers creates 3D visuals of its clients’ designs well before construction even begins.

Construction Documents

Construction documents are complete drawings, plans, project specifications, installation manuals etc., associated with a construction project. 
Regardless of the building type or design, we provide full support to our clients in preparing Construction Documents required both for legalities or for executing the project. 


We provide preliminary construction cost for bank loans and a complete construction cost once construction drawings are completed. 


Permitting Support

We ensure submission of necessary plans & documents, required to get your project approved by the City and State regulatory. We also expedite the process by maintaining constant communication with plan reviewers to ensure compliance.


Construction Budgets

What separates us from our competitors is, we are a design/build firm and we keep your budgets in mind, which means your project will not be over designed and will fit the construction cost of your project.



We use our in-house construction management firm Maxx Builders - for creation of a comprehensive project plan even before construction begins, saving both time and money.

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