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Our portfolio reflects a fusion of cutting-edge techniques with classic principles, ensuring every design is not just aesthetically pleasing, but also purpose-driven. From towering commercial hubs to intricately designed community spaces, our work echoes the aspirations of visionary clients and the vibrant communities they serve.

Every project narrates a unique story, a journey from an abstract idea to concrete reality. As you explore, you’ll witness the diversity of our designs and the consistency of our excellence. This is the Maxx Designers hallmark, where every blueprint is a dream realized.

Dive in, and let our work inspire your next architectural endeavor. Your vision, combined with our expertise, will create the landmarks of tomorrow.


Our Multifamily Design Projects Integrate Style, Functionality, and Community, Creating Spaces Where People Thrive.



Our Warehouse Design Solutions Combine Functionality, Efficiency, and Innovation to Maximize Productivity and Optimize Operations.



Our Shopping Center Designs Redefine Shopping Experiences, Embracing Aesthetics, Accessibility, and Business Success.



Our Medical Facility Designs Prioritize Patient Care, Efficiency, and Cutting-Edge Technology for Optimal Healthcare.



Our Restaurant Designs Create Ambiances That Delight Senses, Blend Aesthetics with Functionality, and Enhance Culinary Experiences.


Hotels + Hospitality

Our Hotel Designs Infuse Luxury, Comfort, and Unparalleled Experiences, Elevating the Art of Welcoming and Creating Memorable Stays.

car wash

Car Wash

Our Car Wash Designs Optimize Efficiency, Modernize Operations, and Provide a Seamless Experience for Pristine Automobiles.

tenant improvements

Tenant Improvements

Elevating Spaces for Success: Our Tenant Improvements Enhance Functionality, Modernize Interiors, and Customize Environments to Fit Every Business Need.

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